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Equipping Leaders with the Knowledge, Skills & Tools to Excel

Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel. 

CKT Solutions provide best-fit HR and L&D consultancy, measurement, training and solutions. 

CKT Solutions is the parent company of Business Learning Tools, providers of Business Simulations, Assessments and Online Tools. 

TriBacker 360°  Tools

The CKT Solutions TriBacker™ 360 suite of tools acknowledge that leadership development cannot be one-size-fits-all. Every leader is different and requires targeted development to be successful.

Our tools measures capability in four key areas and utilise a dual rating system which not only measures current performance, but also evaluates how important each competency is to the individual’s success at this stage in their career and development.

Every leader has a key area of strength; something that inspires followership and drives success. We help leaders focus their efforts on their key strengths, to reach a benchmark level of competency in other essential areas, and to develop strategies to mitigate the risk of any significant weaknesses.

Leadership - Creating and bringing a vision of the future alive, and securing the commitment and resources to deliver it.

Management - Optimising the use of resource to deliver the vision; making things happen.

Business Acumen - Demonstrating the knowledge, skills and experience to operate in a complex and changing environment.

Personal Effectiveness - Ensuring optimal personal performance and impact. 

Feedback alone does not result in sustained behavioural change.  We work with our clients using a tested process and robust data to help build true self-awareness in their people. And, we provide targeted coaching, development and follow up to ensure realistic, appropriate and sustainable action is taken.

The TriBacker™ 360 will be available in five forms:

  • TriBacker+™ – a comprehensive instrument addressing the four core components
  • TriBacker Leader™ – a more detailed exploration of leadership skills and behaviours
  • TriBacker Manager™ – a more detailed exploration of management effectiveness
  • TriBacker Business™ – a more detailed exploration of business acumen capability
  • TriBacker Me™ - a more detailed exploration of personal impact

Each key area consists of 13 competencies and 52 observable, measurable behaviours to help provide sufficiently in-depth analysis. And our dual-rating system helps leaders prioritise areas for development and maximum personal contributions. 

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