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Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel. 

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Employee Connect Engagement Tool

The critical importance of employee engagement is undeniable, however, most engagement surveys only really measure employee satisfaction, not engagement.

Employee Connect™ recognises that it is the number and quality of the connections the employee has in their work that truly leads to commitment and engagement.

Employee Connect™ is a unique intervention that addresses these organisational issues:

Terms & Conditions of Employment

Job & Personal Security

Organisational Responsibility

Leadership of the Organisation

Management of How Things Get Done

Support & Collaboration Amongst Employees 

Recognition & Respect for Individuals

Opportunities to Excel

Learning & Development Opportunities

Work Environment & Atmosphere

Opportunities to Help Others

MEASURES REAL DRIVERS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS - Employee Connect™ goes beyond merely measuring employee satisfaction. It measures observable factors that genuinely impact productivity, employee development and employee loyalty.

DUAL RATING SCALE - The survey’s dual rating scale measures the extent to which individuals are committed to making the organisation successful; and how committed they are to staying with it.

ACTIONABLE REPORTAGE - Results are presented in a clearly actionable format, and our consultants work with you to analyse the results and determine critical issues to help make an immediate and sustainable impact.

FOCUSSED COACHING - Our specialist coaches work with leaders to identify key drivers of engagement and disengagement, prioritise actions and develop a realistic, sustainable and impactful plan of action

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