CKT Solutions Ltd.

Equipping Leaders with the Knowledge, Skills & Tools to Excel

Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel. 

CKT Solutions provide best-fit HR and L&D consultancy, measurement, training and solutions. 

CKT Solutions is the parent company of Business Learning Tools, providers of Business Simulations, Assessments and Online Tools. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are highly effective methods of enhancing performance. Both strategies are based on an effective relationship between parties, so we have a highly experienced and diverse network of coaches and mentors to ensure you find the best person to support you in your development.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches specialise in coaching senior leaders and executives.  As experienced executives themselves, they know and understand the issues facing clients, allowing them to provide a secure, confidential environment for clients to crystallise ideas, identify and articulate goals and begin to plan to meet those objectives and goals.  

SME Business Coaching

Many of our coaches specialise in the field of SME business and have a experience and understanding of the issues facing SME owners, executives and managers. They can find the empathy, understanding and create the environment to provide positive coaching support to individuals or small groups to improve their productivity, business growth and development.

Team Coaching

Our experienced Team Coaches work with intact and cross-functional teams to identify blockers and drivers of team performance, set collaborative goals, communicate effectively, reduce conflict, improve working relationships and plan and execute strategies to maximise their collective impact.

Team coaching can also be combined with any of our SuperTeams series of tools and workshops.

Career and Personal Coaching

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career, take your performance in your current role to the next level, or simply increase your confidence in your capability, our coaches can help you define specific goals and create a realistic plan that works for you with support and guidance throughout.


Our Mentors are guides to help you find the right direction and to develop impactful solutions to business and career issues. 

Our mentors include former CEOs of blue-chip companies, psychologists, former military officers, leading HR experts and specialists in mentoring SMEs. We go to great lengths to match the right mentor with the right mentee to you work with someone who understands and has experience dealing with the issue facing you and ensuring effective exchange of knowledge, skills, tools and contacts.

Our mentors provide powerful personal development and empowerment tools as an effective method of helping people to progress in their careers.  They use challenging tools to create an effective mentoring environment that provides guidance, structure and encouragement and allows the mentee to explore new ideas in confidence. 

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