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Equipping Leaders with the Knowledge, Skills & Tools to Excel

Equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel. 

CKT Solutions provide best-fit HR and L&D consultancy, measurement, training and solutions. 

CKT Solutions is the parent company of Business Learning Tools, providers of Business Simulations, Assessments and Online Tools. 

We believe great leaders and managers cannot be cloned.
Individuals require support, development & tools as unique as they are.

That is why CKT Solutions focus on targeted and best-fit solutions for your particular needs. Using our unique methodology, we will ensure you have the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills and tools, doing the right things to increase productivity, development and engagement.

Featured Solutions

The TriBacker™ 360 suite of tools combines rich data with a powerful facilitation process to turn feedback in to action. They measure leaders' capability in four key areas.

Leadership - creating a vision of the future and securing the support and resources to make it a reality.

Management - Optimising the use of resources to make things happen.

Business Acumen - the skills, knowledge and aptitude to work in a complex and changing environment.

Personal Effectiveness - ensuring optimal personal performance and impact. 

Employee Connect™ Survey

Employee Connect™ goes beyond employee satisfaction. It measures observable factors that genuinely impact productivity, employee development and employee loyalty.

Dual Rating Scale - measures organisational performance, and how important drivers are to individual engagement

Actionable Reportage - results are presented in a clear and actionable format, with realistic recommendations.

Security & Anonymity - identities are protected, and design encourages more candid responses.

Focussed Coaching - specialist coaches help leaders analyse data and develop a sustainable plan of action. 

Helping teams understand the significance of human interactions on team performance and make practical, impactful changes.

Pragmatic and easy to implement - provides evidence-based practices and tools to increase engagement, creativity and productivity

Workshops & Seminars - for senior leaders, team leaders, intact teams and mixed groups. Fully customisable.

Team Coaching - helps teams identify behavioural blockers & drivers of team effectiveness and work collaboratively to improve team performance

Team Assessment - enabling the team to diagnose the extent to which they apply the principles of RESPECT™.

Business Learning Tools provides innovative and practical learning and development tools and technologies to help accelerate performance in your organisation. 

Business Simulations - Tailored & bespoke IT or classroom based simulations to deliver sustainable behaviour change. 

Assessment Tools - Assessment of learning, capability and/or processes, designed to give you a clear picture of your business and its people. 

Clever Technology - A range of technology-enabled productivity and analysis tools to help your people work smarter.

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Latest Testimonials

“CKT impressed from start to finish.  Whilst their product was excellent, it was their focus on ensuring its relevance to our business and our training needs that was outstanding.  Feedback from the partners attending our conference was unanimously positive about both the value of the CKT session and the fun they had at the same time.  That it was such a success was in a large part down to Alex, Clinton and Nicola’s determination and proactivity through the whole process.  They were a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Duff, Chairman, Shoosmiths LLP. 

“Working with CKT was an absolute pleasure. The team were able to turn around quite a late deadline in such a professional way and deliver an excellent product and experience on the day. Alex, Clinton and Nicola showed a genuine commitment to understanding our business and aligning their expertise alongside our operational and strategic objectives for Shoosmiths conference. All of them were responsive to e-mails and took feedback consistently throughout the process to ensure an excellent relationship was built up in a relatively short time period. The quality of their thinking was outstanding.”

Caroline White-Robinson, Head of Learning & Development, Shoosmiths LLP. 

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